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Real Vine Natural Juice

Real vine is a freshly squeezed 100% premium fruit, herbs, flowers, leaves or any product of a plant as required. There is no added sugar, no preservations, no color and no flavors.

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Get Facts & Info About Real Vine

Real Vine juice brand is produced by a Ghanaian registered juice processing company

Real Vine juice brand has accreditation from the Food and Drugs Authority.

Real vine had it humble beginning in the kitchen of Emmanuel Opare Addo the founder. It was there that he created the first juice that soon became the basis for Real Vine.

Real Vine can now be customized with labels i.e. either text or pictures or both for for your special events.

Real Vine has its main factory at Weija Gicel Estate, Ghana.

Real Vine is available in Fuel station marts across the capital.

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